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I have met many couples however I have never seen such a beautiful chemistry and understanding of the couple whose marriage is arranged. Looking at them one can say soulmates do exist.

Tanvi is bookworm, movie buff, cricket lover, traveller, explorer, adventurous and on other hand Amit is out going, fun loving, jovial and prankster. Looking at them they look two very different personalities yet they love each other unconditionally.

This Punjabi sangeet and wedding was full of energy and fun. We had an amazing time capturing every moment of it.



Shalini and Raghu (Raghavendra) lovely couple but when I met them for the first time, I thought they are very reserved and shy, which made me bit concern. However I came to know it was just the side effect of the Shalini’s parent’s presence.

When we met the second time they both were much more vocal and came to know lot more about them. Raghu is not only studious he is aspiring actor and writter. Shalini is super smart and wonderful cook.

Their love story started in Engineering college. They had work bit to convince their parents, but as they say all is well that ends well. Now their parents are all happy and over the moon as they are getting married.

We had an amazing time shooting their pre wedding, Sangeet and wedding. The unique thing about this wedding was it was in Marwadi and Manglorian rituals. It was lovely experience and to our good luck even pundits were very co-operative to us.

We witness many wedding, but when we meet people like Raghu and Shalini it reaffirms our faith in the true love, they stuck to each other through thick and thin and now they are on their way to their happily ever after.

We at Parimal Photography thank you for giving an opportunity to capture the most important event of your life, and also thank you for your friendship which I look forward to for rest of my life.